Effortless Trust

Effortlessly trust the authenticity of digitally performed actions. 


Notary-grade digital action signing



Unlike the real world where our physical appearance and actions verify our identity and intent, in the digital space it is a real challenge to be certain who initiated or authorized a digital action. 


The current approach for securing digital services is based on layering various authentication and detection techniques, all orchestrated together, to assume the identity behind a digital action or transaction. However this approach is inherently limited since it is focused on implicit trust, meaning deducing identity from knowledge, possession and behavior and assuming that this identity is the one behind a digital action.


At Obsecure we take a different approach and use explicit trust by witnessing and capturing the identity behind any action, leaving no room for anyone to take over or be in the middle.


Our approach is similar to notarization which is the process that assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic, and can be trusted.

Our technology uses AI, biometrics, and unique action capture technologies to "notarize" every digital action and seal it with the identity of the person who performed it, assuring its authenticity. 


Our innovative approach not only provides the most trusted way to interact over digital channels, it does it in a fully effortless manner while addressing privacy and security requirements and regulations.



Gain the same level of authenticity & simplicity of real world interactions by integrating AuthenticAction™ into your website or mobile app. Whether it’s digital banking, ecommerce, healthcare or government service our groundbreaking technology guarantees that the person performing an action on your digital service is who you think they are. No impersonation, no fraud.


Transform your digital service by giving your users limitless and effortless experience, allowing them to breeze through their activity rather than slowing them down with multiple authentication and fraud controls. No passwords, no questions, no codes. Effortless.


Our SDK is super easy to integrate into any digital application and doesn’t require any change to existing user journey flows. It can also be seamlessly integrated into your enterprise authentication platform, fraud detection tools and decision engine. 

Key Benefits

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The only trust-minded messaging platform which provides 100% certainty that the person who is communicating with you is who they claim to be. And when we say “person” we mean the actual person, not their digital selves. No impersonation, no fake communication, no fraud.

AuthenticMessage™ allows only the people you approve to send you highly sensitive messages, and verifies that every message you receive is actually written and sent by those you approved.


Sounds complex? We make it simple. We use our groundbreaking technology to automate the process and achieve the same level of authenticity and certainty you would have in an in-person conversation. The user experience is intuitive and similar to any email or messaging app.