Second guessing your customers? Guess again

Beyond authentication and fraud detection: It’s time to rethink your path to digital trust

No more compromising

With digital identities acting as proxies to people’s real identities it is inherently difficult to ascertain the authenticity of digital interactions.


The result is compromised trust that leads to compromises in your digital roadmap - you are forced to reduce functionality and impose limits, while the measures you take to restore trust are causing friction and customer dissatisfaction along the way.

We believe you shouldn’t need to compromise on either safety or customer experience. We have developed a cybersecurity technology that always guarantees the authenticity of digitally performed actions, helping you achieve effortless trust and limitless digital experience. 

Notary-grade authenticity. Digitally

Can a signature alone provide proof of identity? Can checking someone’s ID without witnessing them signing a document provide proof of the document’s authenticity? The answer is no.

In the physical world we use notarization to verify both the signer’s identity and the act of signing in order to trust that a document is authentic. In the digital world however, we leave a gap between identity and action verification. In this gap fraudsters of the world thrive.

Take a proactive approach to ensuring digital authenticity.

Our notary-grade technology provides you with a real-time evidence of the true person behind the actions you see. And when we say person we mean the real person, not their digital selves.


No impersonation, no fake communication, no fraud.


Limitless Future

Real-world authenticity: imagine the possibilities

With the level of authenticity that exists in an in-person interaction the possibilities for a digital future are limitless.

Accelerate digital transformation in all aspects of life


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Effortless trust

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Authentic Actions, Effortless Trust

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