Document-less biometric identity verification

Improve ID verification success rates by leveraging the largest and fastest growing biometric data set in the world

Leverage the power of public data to verify customers against their online visual persona. Seamlessly integrate into existing document-based identity verification to increase customer onboarding success rate

Accept more customers in real-time

Avoid retreating back to vulnerable authentication methods when device trust is lost, and save your customers from an extensive IDV process. Complete your passwordless / FIDO strategy with a virtual biometric identity token that is safe, private and always available

Effortless account recovery and device binding

Our groundbreaking technology guarantees that the person performing an action on your digital service is who you think they are. No impersonation, no malware, no fraud

Notary-grade transaction signing

Accelerating digital-first strategy 

Biometric privacy?

We solved it!

Privacy-preserving architecture

Decentralized storage

Patented pseudonymized biometrics

Protect against fake documents, sim swap, malware and other fraud attacks

Eliminate transaction limits, annoying authentication steps and false declines

Don’t let document failures and device switches stop your customers

Minimize fraud

Optimize experience

Maximize conversion

Technology excellence

CyberPrint™ analysis

Activity & identity entanglement 

Pseudonymized biometrics

Why are we different?

We solve tomorrow’s problems.

We compliment FIDO, augment identity document verification, and make malware ineffective. We make sure you are always a few steps ahead.

We believe you shouldn’t need to compromise on either safety, customer experience or privacy

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