Our Story

The shift to digital has been dramatically fast-tracked. Digital “everything” is now expected by consumers in every aspect of life. We are a team of cybersecurity professionals with global experience who is focused on leveraging privacy-preserving face biometrics to provide the identity trust backbone of next-gen digital experience

Digital Innovation

  • Next-gen UX

  • Fusing video into digital

  • Bringing the branch/store to the customer

Digital Acceleration

  • Digital first strategy

  • Limitless services

  • Parity with in-person services

Effortless Trust

  • Face to face authenticity

  • No passwords, no tokens, no questions

  • Privacy by design

Our mission and our promise is to enable a world in which the authenticity of all digital actions can be guaranteed, providing effortless trust and limitless experience. Engaging digitally with the same level of trust that exists when interacting in-person is the future we envision for you to imagine, and we aim at making a reality

Our unique approach

By ensuring effortless trust across your digital channels, we aim to remove security, trust and safety barriers, allowing you to accelerate your journey of digital innovation.


Privacy-preserving architecture


Advanced biometrics verification and multi-layered authentication

User Experience

Effortless and limitless is our motto


More data for better decisions