Digital tools have given us the freedom to do almost anything from anywhere. We are no longer limited by physical distance, pretty much only by hours in a day. Yet fraudsters have taken advantage of this freedom to pose as us, scamming and cheating innocent people out of money, time, and worst of all: trust.


You see, we’ve grown used to relying on digital identification as evidence of the authenticity of actions. But in the gap between identity and action verification, fraudsters of the world thrive. The measures we take to close the gap and restore trust cause friction and dissatisfaction along the way. After all, nobody likes to be second-guessed, even in the name of security. And that’s exactly what has been the solution: second-guessing, complexity, friction.


Or, should we say: the solution so far.


At Obsecure, we have created a cybersecurity platform that always guarantees the authenticity of digitally performed actions. Similar to a video chat or a face to face conversation, we use continuous biometrics and AI to provide real-time verification of the true person behind the digital actions of the user. We call this solution AuthenticAction™.


AuthenticAction™  not only provides assurance, trust and certainty when interacting with digital systems online. It creates a trustworthy and effortless digital experience altogether.


We are a team of cybersecurity professionals with global experience who decided to stop playing tag with the fraudsters of the world and take action instead. We promise a solution that leaves authentication hassles in the past where they belong, finally giving us the full benefits of the digital age.



Authentic actions, finally.

The Leadership Team

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Erez Zohar

Co-Founder & CEO

Technology, product and business leader, protecting organizations from fraud and cybercrime for over 20 years.

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Danny Klein


Cybercrime warrior with over 20 years of experience spanning from capital markets and banking, to FinTech, payments and ecommerce.

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Dr. Will Herlands

Co-Founder & CTO

Ph.D. in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University. MIT Lincoln Lab researcher focused on cybersecurity, AI, and robotics.

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Ben Wallach

Executive Advisor

Acclaimed industry veteran and cyber & fraud Executive with extensive success at building and leading high performance fraud and security disciplines for top US financial institutions.

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Avner Gideoni

Executive Advisor

World class leader in fighting cyber-attacks, identity theft and financial fraud. Formed and led IBM’s Trusteer Security Research team, a world-leading security research group. 

Authentic Actions, Effortless Trust

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