AuthenticMessage™ FAQ

What is AuthenticMessage™?

AuthenticMessage™ introduces a new paradigm of digital trust. We provide the safest and most secure digital messaging experience that ensures your digital communication is as safe, trusted, and simple as an in-person face-to-face conversation. AuthenticMessage™ verifies the identity of the person typing the message and simultaneously ensures that the message you received is exactly the one intended by the person with no manipulations. Using these two elements - identity and intent - AuthenticMessage™ can provide an indisputable tamper-resistant proof of the authenticity of the communication, so you can trust digital messages just like in-person face to face conversations in the real world.

What problem does AuthenticMessage™ solve?

AuthenticMessage™ solves the lack of trust in the authenticity of digital communication. Unlike the real world where our physical appearance and actions verify our identity and intent, in the digital world it is difficult to know who is on the other side of a digital interaction, and whether the messages received from them indeed represent their true intent. The result is lack of trust that leads to complicated procedures for validating digital communication and fraud scams, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), when such policies are not followed due to their complexity. We believe you shouldn’t compromise on either safety or efficiency.

Q: How does AuthenticMessage™ work?

AuthenticMessage™ uses face biometrics and unique action capture technology to continuously and simultaneously authenticate the sender’s  identity and intent. This process is passive. It occurs in the background of your application and maintains a simple and intuitive user experience.

How does AuthenticMessage™ go beyond the security provided by existing messaging apps?

You can think about AuthenticMessage™ like a digital notary. To authenticate a document a notary verifies a person’s identity and witnesses them signing a document. This is exactly how we go beyond existing authentication - we simultaneously verify both the identity and the intent of the user. This naturally creates an extremely secure system, meaning no credential stealing attacks, device malware, reply attacks, overlay attacks, nothing.

Why is AuthenticMessage™ better than other existing approaches?

AuthenticMessage™ is the only solution that can guarantee 2 basic features one would expect from a direct person to person: (1) that the message received is indeed from the sender and as the sender intended with no manipulations; and (2) that the message sent can only be read by the intended receiver (“for your eyes only”). AuthenticMessage™ provides the same level of end-to-end encryption as other secure messaging platforms, but is the only one to ensure the identity of the sender and the authenticity of the message.

When should I use AuthenticMessage™?

You could use  AuthenticMessage™ for all your communication needs. That said, at a minimum we recommend you use AuthenticMessage™ for all sensitive and high risk communications. These can include external and internal communication concerning payments, account details, confidential information, intellectual property, payroll, etc.

How do I get my communication partners on AuthenticMessage™?

AuthenticMessage™ is by invitation only. All you need to do is invite your external or internal party into your workspace and we do the rest.

What types of attack vectors is AuthenticMessage™ effective in preventing?

AuthenticMessage™ can effectively prevent all known attack vectors of malware / account takeover including credential stealing attacks, phishing, social engineering, SIM Swap, man-in-middle, overlay, replay, remote access, and more.

What is BEC and how does AuthenticMessage™ protect me from it?

BEC stands for Business Email Compromise, and is probably the biggest fraud issue today, considered by the FBI as responsible for more than half of the cybercrime losses in 2019. It happens when a malicious actor gets physical or digital access to your email account or to the accounts of those you communicate with. This could lead to serious business issues with devastating financial or otherwise negative impact. A common attack can happen by pretending to be one of your biggest vendors and get you to process a fake invoice on their behalf. By providing a secure communication channel that can ensure the authenticity of the communication within it,  AuthenticMessage™ can stop all such attacks. AuthenticMessage™ stops all pretenders from sending you malicious messages.

What other unique features does AuthenticMessage™ include?

AuthenticMessage™ includes the concept of Forms, which allow users to exchange structured messages. Examples can be invoices, account change requests, etc. AuthenticMessage™ comes with a set of predefined forms and allows you to define your own custom forms as well.

Can AuthenticMessage™ integrate with other systems?

Yes. AuthenticMessage™ exposes an open API and comes with some predefined integration capabilities with external systems including email servers (for email filtering), ERP, PEO (for automatic requests execution, such as payments and account changes) and more.

How does AuthenticAction™ ensure privacy?

We use some pretty neat technology to ensure that no images ever leave the customer’s device, but also ensure that they never need to pre-register a device. No identifiable information is ever passed to the cloud. This allows for privacy and security across any device, anytime, anywhere.