Safe P2P communication

With biometrically verified communication you can trust digital communication as if it is in-person


The only trust-minded messaging platform which provides the highest certainty that the person who is communicating with you is who they claim to be. And when we say “person” we mean the actual person, not their digital selves. No impersonation, no fake communication, no fraud.


AuthenticMessage™ allows only the people you approve to send you highly sensitive messages, and verifies that every message you receive is actually written and sent by those you approved


Sounds complex? We make it simple. We use our groundbreaking technology to automate the process and achieve the same level of authenticity and certainty you would have in an in-person conversation. The user experience is intuitive and similar to any email or messaging app.

Full-service chat channel

Self-service fraud resolution

Self service dispute resolution

Safe customer service

Safe business communication

Business Email Compromise (BEC) proof

Financial requests and orders

Confidential material sharing

When it really matters you know who’s on the other side

Key Benefits

Trust sensitive communication

Eliminate fraudulent scams

Remove the human factor

Privacy & Security by Design