Notary-grade digital action signing

Beyond authentication and fraud detection: It’s time to rethink your path to digital trust

Gain the same level of authenticity & simplicity of real world interactions. Transform your digital service by giving your users limitless and effortless experience. No passwords, no questions, no codes, no limits. Effortless.

Transaction Signing

Buyer Authentication

Always know who is on the other end of an online purchase and put an end to friendly chargeback fraud, account takeover, credentials sharing and compliance risk.

Do you really know who you’re dealing with?

AuthenticAction™ technology uses AI, biometrics, and unique activity capture technologies to "notarize" every digital action and seal it with the identity of the person who performed it, assuring its authenticity.

This allows financial institutions, payment organizations, and merchants to always know who is on the other end of a digital transaction, and to be certain that no malicious actor or malware has manipulated it along the way.

Identity & activity entanglement

The current approach for securing digital services is based on layering various authentication and detection techniques. This is inherently limited since it is focused on implicit trust.

AuthenticAction™ takes a different approach. Similarly to a notary that assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic, and can be trusted, AuthenticAction™ witnesses and captures the identity behind any action, leaving no room for anyone to take over or be in the middle.

Key Benefits

Effortless digital experience

Expanded digital services

Reduced fraud and risk

Reduced operational cost