• Erez Zohar

Second guessing your customers? Guess again.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

In my last post I said that in order to achieve the highest level of trust in the digital world the industry needs to rethink the current paradigm of securing digital services. I’d say the current paradigm is focused on the exact opposite of trust: doubt, suspicion, fear.

Let me explain.

Let’s take a look at fraud detection systems. Their objective is to identify the bad transactions / actions by looking for anomalies in behavior, configuration, location, address, etc. As long as everything looks normal the trust level is high. Once an anomaly is found a suspicion is raised. Our customers, employees and communication partners become suspects. The level of suspicion is somewhat of a guess, an educated one but nevertheless a guess, an estimation.

So we turn to authentication, which is all about second guessing when you think about it. And nobody likes to be second-guessed, even in the name of security. But that’s exactly what has been the solution: second-guessing, complexity, friction.

Or, should we say: the solution so far.

At Obsecure we believe that trust in the digital world starts with authenticity, real-world authenticity of actions and not only of identities.

Now let’s not confuse authenticity with authentication. Authentication focuses on identity only and not on actions, and it is still in the realm of guessing and second guessing vs. knowing.

Our key driver is the realization that there’s an inherent gap in the current approach to securing digital services, the gap between identity authentication and action verification. This led us to develop an innovative technology which closes this gap such that it can guarantee the authenticity of any digitally performed action - similar to how a notary provides their seal of authenticity of a signed document. And we do this while providing the most innovative (and yes, frictionless, or as I prefer to call it, effortless) user experience -- with a single technology, and without the need for many layers, tools and... second guessing.

It is not an identity, authentication or fraud detection technology, it’s all of them together and none of them alone. It is a change in the paradigm of how we trust people and their actions in the digital world. We call it AuthenticAction™ .

No more suspicion, no more limits, no more going to the branch to validate our identity and actions, no more declines, no more spoofing, no more getting scammed. No more second guessing!

This is our promise and our passion.

As always, contact me to learn more or request a demo, and stay tuned for additional blogs and information.