Key-less, device-less & document-less identity binding

Complete your passwordless strategy with a virtual biometric identity token that is safe, private and always available

New device binding

Account recovery

SIM swap

Shared device / kiosk

When device trust is lost

When the stakes are high

High risk transactions

Account opening (existing customer)

Account maintenance

Fraud resolution

Complement FIDO with frictionless and secure identity binding

In a passwordless world, account recovery and device registration are the hardest challenges for security professionals. Good customers are adding or replacing devices regularly and fraudsters use this back door to take over accounts.


Using existing vulnerable authentication methods defeat the purpose of implementing FIDO. Issuing a physical security key is too expensive and could lead to an operational nightmare when customers forget or lose their keys.  And repeating a full IDV process adds too much friction, and cost.


Leverage the decentralized nature of personal cloud storage to perform a privacy-preserving biometric verification process that is simple, trusted and always available.

Worried about privacy? We got it covered!

Tamper-proof encrypted identity token 

Decentralized storage

Decentralized & customer controlled access

Embedded customer consent and right to be forgotten

Key Benefits

Always available

Simple experience

High assurance